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Are you organizing a fundraising raffle for your organization, club, school, or for a local community? Our well designed and quality printed custom raffle tickets would surely help you to meet your fundraising goals. EzeePrinting.com offers custom raffle sheets printing and raffle ticket book printing with various options like numbered raffle tickets, perforated raffle tickets, blank raffle tickets and many more. So, go ahead and give us your theme or idea of promotion and we will design, print and deliver your raffle tickets in a hassle free manner.


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Raffle Tickets 


EzeePrinting.com is offering custom tickets printing right according to your needs. Most commonly used size is  2.125" x  5.5" however, you may get any custom size printed as per your requirements.


Variety of stock: 100lb standard ticket stock, Bleach card, Bux Board (coated and non-coated). Textured stock is available for your custom raffle tickets. Glossy paper stock is also an option for your ticket book.

FREE Lamination: Choose from Glossy or Matte Lamination.

Sequential numbering on your raffle tickets is done at no extra charges.
FREE Perforation and Stapling of raffle Tickets is included in the price.

Numbered event tickets and anti-counterfeit bar codes add security.


You may order Solid UV coating, Gold Foiling and Embossing done on your tickets for more professional look.

Online Raffle Tickets Printing


Size    Standard 2.125" x 5.5".
 Stock    Standard glossy text stock
 Printing    Full color offset printing

If you are unable to find the required specifications Click here to get a custom quote or ask our Live Support team.  You can also call us at 647-477-1791 for further assistance.

Quantity ( Tickets)
100 250 500 1000
Price $120.11 $138.35 $189.17 $238.95

Our prices include: FREE Designing, FREE Lamination, FREE Shipping. NO hidden Charges or Fee !

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Raffle ticket sheet:

We offer Raffle Ticket Sheets in custom and standard sizes. Generally standard sheet of  8.5" x 11" size is used.
Raffle tickets would be pre-perforated in the sheet for easy ripping-off.
Custom raffle ticket sheets further could be bound in forms of pad or books, each containing 50-100 sheets.


Raffle Ticket Book:

We offer Raffle Ticket Book in custom and standard sizes. order 100-500 quantity of raffle ticket in each book Select from different binding options, including tape binding or stapled.
Cover page of the raffle ticket book would be thick card stock.



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Product Detail:

Raffle tickets are simply the tickets in which numbers are printed in accordance to the numbers bought buy the customers. After purchase, a lucky draw is taken place and one-by-one, the gifts are announced in accordance to the ticket numbers. Unlike gambling and lottery, raffle tickets are unique because they are mostly used for fund raising and charity purposes.


Fundraising campaign with Raffle Tickets:

You would need to set goals for your fundraising after planning on how to sell raffles more effectively. You never need to spend a big amount on advertising your raffles. You may take help from local communities, they probably will be willing to participate and support your cause. You may take help from local school and colleges to help you in promotion of your raffle. Many profit-organizations now days readily participate in these kinds of activities.

You may need to take part into the activity by visiting places where there is a huge number of people pass by or stop by. For instance, you may go to a local grocery store and talk to manger or owner, and check with him, whether they let you put a stall or table, in or out side of the store to sell your raffle. Normally many store owners would be found willing to support your cause by letting you sell your raffle or at least will help you promoting your raffle by letting you put a banner or poster in their shops.

You must encourage your participants and organizers in selling your raffle tickets. As an idea, you may develop a sense of competition in between them. Offering a reward or distribution of gifts to whomever sold most raffle tickets would be a positive attitude. For that, you may arrange a small prize distribution party to highlight that person or organization.


If you are planning to get your word out for your raffle on large scale then you may need to go to local radio or TV station. Check if they may help you giving coverage to your cause. Ultimately, it would be a great help in promotion of your raffle fundraiser. Alternatively, you may deal with ticket sellers. They normally charge a percentage of your total sales. You would also need to negotiate on the percentage since you are selling raffle tickets for a cause not an event ticket or other commercial stuff. For that, you need to keep the records and track of your ticket distribution. It not only will help you in cash collection but also you would be able to plan better to meet your fundraising goals. For that purpose, numbered raffle tickets become very handy. Numbered raffle tickets make the job easier to keep tracks of all your raffle tickets and also help managing which serial number is being sold by which ticket seller. Numbered raffle tickets also help you distributing the raffle to local charity organizations, schools and churches for selling.


It is very important to keep a progress chart in the days while you are selling your raffles. Also, you must give enough time to your raffle sales. You should never expect that your raffle tickets would be sold in a day. Generally, at least a month time is required to make a considerable sale. Therefore, you must order your raffle tickets with any printing company way before you need them for sales. Ezeeprinting.com is an online printing company which can design, print and deliver your numbered raffle tickets in hassle free manner and they are offering all facilities under one roof so you would not need to deal with many companies. In case, if you are running out of time you may place order with expedited production speed.

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