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Foil Stamped Presentation Folders Printing

We have paved the way using Technological innovations to meet the growing printing needs of customers. In metallic foiling, we use a special type of metallic material on stock to add a shiny, reflective and more eye catching look to your product. In foil stamping, for example if a logo is to be foil stamped, a special die is used to stick a metallic sheet of foil on area of your logo in such a way that only logo area becomes metallic and looks more elegant and shiny so Logo becomes more visible. Foiling is a graceful effect that brings a touch of class to your product. Its affects are timeless, elegant, memorable, and lasting. At ezeeprinting we do Gold foiling, Silver foiling on very nominal charges. Foils can be used for logos; accents surrounding logos; borders or highlights surrounding images; and elegant accents for distinctive symbols, images, graphics or lines.


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Foil Stamped Presentation Folders Printing


Get gold foiling and silver foiling. Standard sizes 9"x 12", 6" x 9", 9" x 14", 4" x 9" and custom sizes available.
Variety of colors of foil stamping is available. Gold, Silver, Copper, Black, Red, Reflex Blue, Process Blue, Green, White, Burgundy, Navy Blue and Teal.
Get your text or image Foiled.
Get textured border foil stamped.
Special images are foiled too.
No die charges.
NO hidden costs.
Cheap foil stamping is done of any size you desire from thin lines to large areas from 0.25" to 10".

Since foil stamping is Unique for each order so please get  instant quote  by calling us or stariting a live chat with us       

Gold Foil Stamping on Pocket Presentation Folders

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Why to use foil stamping?

Foil Stamping is always a favorite in its fans for its elegant and eye-catching look and grace that it can offer. Foil stamping can add a glow to your quality products, such as business cards, book covers, gift cards, office folders, presentation folders and a lot of other things personal or professional. Instead of using plates, or inks to print words and shapes, foil stamping dies used in metal molds or carved.

Foiling stamping is a process of pasting or sticking a thin sheet of metal / aluminum on the surface. Film should be a big roll, a sufficiently large number of steps supported by Mylar. When heated die presses the paper against the pressure of the substrate material enough that the film sticks to the stock itself.

Aluminum foils are available in every imaginable color and pattern. Paper types of the leaf are matte, pearl, holographic, opalescent, or brilliant. Foil stamping can be applied to a much more diverse range of substrates compared to the ink. Companies generally use foil identify records, maps, signs and magnets with their logo.

The reflective and unusual treatment is sure to attract the attention of your potential customer!


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