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Carbonless notebooks are typically used by students since they do need to hand in their own notes for a class but still need to keep a copy for themselves. By using carbonless notebooks, you can simply hand in your study work without taking your notebook apart and making copies. The original written copy can easily be tear off from the notebook while keeping the duplicate for your record. At EzeePrinting.com, you can have your carbonless notebooks personalized right according to your needs. It is no longer something that you have just picked up off store shelves. Get your custom carbonless notebooks in 2,3,4 or 5 NCR sets with thick sturdy cover and ring binding on top or left.


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Binding Options

Loose, Edge Glued, Padding, Perforated Books, Wrap Around Cover, Spiral




Paper Color : White, Yellow, Pink, Light Green, Light Blue

Paper: 20lb - 28lb carbonless paper

Printing: 1-4 color printing

Tear-to-piece line: can be horizontal, vertical, and can be with many lines

Binding: Tape or Spiral. 50-100 Sets/book, or as per demand.

Carbonless Notebook Printing



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Types of Carbonless forms

Generally Carbonless Paper are of 3 types of paper. Each of them is with a different combination of coatings.

In any given set.( 3part )

Top paper is called as (Coated Back) CB
Middle papers is called as  (Coated Front & Back) CFB
Bottom paper is called as (Coated Front) CF

CB (top) sheets of corbonless paper have a pressure sensitive coating on the back of the paper. This coating comprises of tiny micro capusles containing colorless oil based dyes known as color formers. When while writing pressure is applied to the front of the sheet eg. by a pen or pencil - the capsules burst and the dyes are released.

The CF (bottom) sheets have a clay based absorbent coating which gives a clear image when exposed to the colourformer dyes.

CFB (middle) sheets have a both a CF coating and a CB coating and is therefore capable of both receiving and passing on the image. It is possible to have multiple middle sheets the limit being the amount of pressure that you are able to transmit through the sheets. 




How to use Carbonless Paper to make your own In-House Form

If you often create new forms, make changes to your forms, or simply wish to print your own forms immediately from your printer, our inkjet and laser carbonless paper provides an immediate solution

Four Steps to your first form

1.Print on the "Image Side" only.
This paper will feed and print without difficulty in your inkjet or laser printer, but proper paper loading is critical. Packages are clearly marked with “image side.” Load the pre-collated paper correctly so that your printer prints on the image side of the carbonless paper.

2.Print the correct number of sheets.
Like all other printing, you must print carbonless paper one sheet at a time, so a 2-part form requires you to print two copies and a 3-part form requires you to print three copies. Ex: to print twenty 3-part forms, ask your printer to print 60 times. The result would be twenty 3-part forms.

3.Verify the Sheet Order.
If you print on the image side, your new form will work. But depending on how your printer feeds paper through the machine, you may need to rearrange the sheets into the correct order if they are reversed.

4.Staple or Paper Clip your form.
You are now ready to use your carbonless form. Keep in mind these forms work by physical pressure and contact through the sheets. For best results, use a firm writing style with a ball point pen.




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